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So, you’ve decided you want to learn a brass instrument? Awesome, you’ve come to the right place (Not a 100% guarantee – not every student/teacher combination works out. It’s not the end of the world!)


Deciding to play an instrument is a big step. Choosing which one to play is an even bigger step. Selecting a teacher, well, that’s the biggest one yet…


At this point you’ve probably got endless questions going round and round in your head. Don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal.

To help dispel some of those fears and answer most, if not all, of your questions, I offer a free 30-minute consultation lesson.

In your consultation we will have an informal chat about your motivation for learning an instrument, any goals (short or long term) you may have, Nick’s teaching methods, your learning style and any additional (relevant) needs you may have.


To book your free consultation session or if you have any questions, contact Nick at:

About Nick

An experienced Brass teacher, Nick is capable of teaching pupils of all ages and abilities. Boasting a 100% exam pass rate, he has developed a method of teaching that enables each student to fulfil their playing potential whilst enjoying their learning experience.


Nick began teaching trumpet at the age of 17 before going on to gain a BA(Hons) in Music Performance from York St John University and a PGCE in Secondary Music from the Institute of Education. He has worked as a Music and Music Technology teacher in both mainstream and special education covering all key stages, as a peripatetic brass/curriculum teacher for three different music services and as a private brass teacher. This teaching experience is backed up by over ten years playing professionally. 


In order to give pupils a wide range of opportunity, Nick is happy to enter students for grades offered by all major exam boards: ABRSM, Trinity, LCM, MTB, ABRSM Jazz and LCM Jazz.

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Teaching Experience

BA(Hons) Performance Music

PGCE Secondary Music

10+ Years Professional Playing Experience 

15+ Years Teaching Experience


3 Music Services

- Stockport Music Service

- Tameside Music Service

- Tower Hamlets Arts & Music Education Service


30+ Schools

- Primary – Peripatetic, Wider Opportunities, Curriculum

- Secondary – Peripatetic, Curriculum (inc. Musical Futures, GCSE & BTEC)

- Sixth Form – Curriculum (A-level Music & Music Tech)

- SEN/Mental Health - Curriculum


100% Exam Pass Rate


Training and experience in Autism & Dyslexia

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